2023 Archive
Business Travel Briefings
Joe Brancatelli created The Tactical Traveler in 1998 for the now-defunct Biztravel.com. The column was conceived as a series of items that would make frequent business travelers more productive on the road. There was also a heaping helping of Joe's trademark cynicism about the travel industry and its practices. After the 9/11 terrorism attacks, however, Joe recreated Tactical Traveler as the news and analysis column for JoeSentMe. There's still plenty of skepticism, of course, because life on the road makes us a wary lot.

The briefing in brief: Airlines and hotels don't need to offer travel deals now. JAL's new discount carrier offers $2,000 roundtrip business class fares between Japan and United States. Britain is lifting three-ounce liquid rule for carry-on bags. Air Canada will fly nonstop from Vancouver to Dubai. Breeze Airways finds no market for transcontinental nonstops from suburban New York airport. JetBlue will fly to Amsterdam. United trimming "shuttle" routes to Washington/Dulles. And more.

The briefing in brief: You wanted a pre-Covid travel world? Europe's skies are back to normal with strikes paralyzing transportation. Biden's nominee for FAA Administrator withdraws after the Senate cancels a vote on his nomination. How's Delta's free, in-flight WiFi going? Kansas City opens a single-terminal to replace its once-grandiose three-terminal operation. Cleveland will impose a new daily fee on airport car rentals. The government's case against the JetBlue-Spirit merger won't begin until October. Norse Atlantic adds new flights to London. And more.